Product #62225

Blueprint® Creep 16

Supplement for nursing calves to reduce weaning stress and increase weaning weights

Blueprint General product bag image
Blueprint General product bag image

Feeding application

Blueprint® Creep 16 is the next step in the advancement of nutrition formulated to supplement nursing calves. This creep feed is ideal for producers who want to maximize the return from creep feeding while reducing weaning stress and increasing weaning weights. This product is formulated for calves with exceptional growth potential and is most beneficial when fed during the late summer and fall seasons. Blueprint Creep feeds increased protein levels allows calves to reach their genetic potential, enhance digestion and nutrient intake while promoting their natural defenses.

Feeding instructions*

Blueprint Creep 16 is a feed for suckling calves from birth to weaning. It is recommended to be fed free-choice to suckling calves in a creep feeder. Calves will typically consume 0.75–1.5% of their body weight daily. Overconsumption (greater than 2% body weight) may result in digestive disorders. For best results, never allow creep feeders to become empty. Remove spoiled feed regularly. Provide clean, fresh water at all times. Feed plain salt free-choice.


This product, which contains added copper, should not be fed to sheep or related species that have a low tolerance to copper. This product has been formulated specifically for beef cattle and is not intended for other species.

Hubbard Feeds does not use “restricted-use proteins” in their products and is compliant with FDA and state requirements regarding the use, handling and storage of “restricted-use protein” products.

Nutrition information

Crude Protein, Min.16.0% 
Crude Fat, Min.2.5% 
Crude Fiber, Max.25.0%
Calcium, Min.0.9%
Calcium, Max.1.4%
Phosphorus, Min.0.4% 
Salt, Min.0.7%
Salt, Max.1.2%
Potassium, Min.1.0% 
Vitamin A, Min.3,000 IU/LB 
Vitamin D, Min.300 IU/LB
Vitamin E, Min.3 IU/LB