Product # 61495

Blueprint® Fescue Mag FEB-200™

Supplement for beef cattle on pasture consuming fescue forages

Crystalyx Blueprint Steel Barrel photo
Crystalyx Blueprint Steel Barrel photo

Feeding application

CRYSTALYX® Blueprint® Fescue Mag FEB-200™ supplement is designed for self-feeding to grazing beef cattle

Product features

  • Contains 20% crude protein from vegetable-based ingredients, as well as non-protein nitrogen (NPN)
  • Formulated to be self-fed to cattle consuming fescue forages with low magnesium levels to help improve forage utilization
  • Made with FEB-200™ to support overall performance and help cattle attain maximum genetic potential on fescue forages
  • Uniquely fortified with all highly bioavailable organic trace minerals; contains no inorganic trace mineral forms

Feeding instructions*

Place containers in areas that achieve desired supplement intake. Once acceptable intake levels are reached, the containers may be moved to underutilized pasture areas to improve grazing distribution and forage utilization. Feed at the rate of one container for every 20–30 head. A minimum of two containers may be necessary for each lot or pasture to ensure proper accessibility. Self fed consumption will depend on the size of the animals fed and seasonal weather conditions, as well as the quality, source and availability of other feeds. Cattle typically consume between 0.3–0.75 pounds per head per day. Every 0.5 pounds of CRYSTALYX® Blueprint® Fescue Mag FEB-200™ will supply 9 grams of supplemental magnesium.

*All consumption figures stated here are approximate. Always provide free access to clean, fresh water.
CRYSTALYX ®  Blueprint® Fescue Mag FEB-200™ supplement contains no salt. Provide free-choice salt.

CAUTION: For beef cattle only. Use only as directed. Consumption of selenium should not exceed 3 milligrams per head daily.

WARNING: This product, which contains added copper, should not be fed to sheep or any species with a low tolerance to supplemental copper. 

PLEASE NOTE: CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements deliver a continuous supply of nutrients and are designed to supplement the animal’s diet. When quantity or quality of other feedstuffs is limited, supplemental nutrients, in addition to those provided by CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements, may be required. In situations where additional nutrients are needed, contact your feed representative for specific recommendations.

Nutrition information

Crude Protein, Min. 20.00%
Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN), Max. 8.00%
Crude Fat, Min. 4.00%
Crude Fiber, Max. 3.00%
Calcium, Min. 1.00%
Calcium, Max. 1.50%
Phosphorus, Min. 1.00%
Salt, Min. None added
Magnesium, Min. 4.00%
Potassium, Min. 1.50%
Cobalt, Min. 36 ppm
Copper, Min. 600 ppm
Iodine, Min. 75 ppm
Manganese, Min. 890 ppm
Selenium, Min. 8.8 ppm
Zinc, Min. 1,750 ppm
Vitamin A, Min. 120,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D-3, Min. 12,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin E, Min. 400 IU/lb.